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COMM 1010:  Academic Reading 

  Use the reading, “Learning How to Apply for Jobs” for some background information for your assignment and to help you think of ideas for one of the topics.

‚  Choose a topic from the table on the next page.  You must choose one of the two styles only.  Do not combine styles.

ƒ  Write an outline of your ideas, using the template in the “Outline” document.   You can add or delete details as needed, but you must include at least 3 main points, as well as a topic sentence and concluding sentence.  You do NOT need to include full sentences in your outline.  This will not be graded BUT is required.

„  Use your outline to write a 200-250 word paragraph.  Write your paragraph in the “Paragraph” document.  Grammar and spelling will be graded, so make sure you edit your work carefully.

  • Use either Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font, in black only
  • Double-space your paragraph and indent the first line

Check the rubric before submission to be sure that you have covered all the aspects of the paragraph that we will be looking for as we grade you work.  Also check your Turnitin Similarity score and edit if necessary before the posted deadline.

†  Submit your outline and paragraph in the “Final Assignment” document to the D2L Dropbox by the posted due date.


Paragraph Style Topic Choices

Compare or



Choose either points of similarity or difference, describing your ideas in a block style OR point-by-point

  • Describe the similarities/differences between doing a job interview in person vs. online


  • Describe the similarities/differences between working for a family business or large company


  • Describe the similarities/differences between joining the workforce now vs. in the past (e.g. a generation ago)



Choose a side of the claim to convince readers that you are correct in your opinions.  Give strong reasons.

  • Prospective employers should not be allowed to ask about a candidate’s personal details, like marital status or age.


  • It is more difficult for new graduates to get a job now than in the past.


  • All jobs nowadays should require a degree.