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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need a reference to help me learn.

A model is a form of representing something: There are several types of models: , , Structural, Behavioral, Symbolic, and Physical.

Describe and provide an example of four of them. [4*0.5 mark for each point]

Summarize by your own word within 500 words as a limit.

  • What is a Business Process Management System, and how does it benefit organizations? (2 marks)
  • Write down what is the purpose of cybersecurity to protect our Business Process Management Systems with answer? Use your own word. (1 mark)
  • BPMN(Business Process Modeling and Notation) has five core element categories forimplementing the properties of business process diagrams. Briefly explain and in your own words four of them.Marking Criteria: [0.375 mark for each correct point].
  • A model is a form of representing something:1.Briefly and in your own words, write about differentapproaches to modeling processes using spreadsheets that depend on theenvisaged degree of fidelity. (3*0.25 mark)2.What are three fundamental assumptions that BPMN relies on that affect its scope ofapplicability: (3*0.25 mark)