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Legal Debate
Paper details:
Prepare: Read chapters 2 and 3 of Calvert, Kozlowski, and Silver (2023) to learn more about the foundational ideas behind, and importance of, the First Amendment for both citizens and journalists.

Reflect: Based on what youve learned in those chapters, consider the most important elements of First Amendment for journalists and share a real-world example that allows you explore the relevance of the law. The example must be one that is concrete in that it is evidenced by having been enacted or presented.


In your initial 250-word post, you must do the following:

Explain the key dimensions of the First Amendment and how it impacts journalists
Describe the central elements of your case
Analyze how your chosen example highlights some important considerations for thinking about the freedom of the press specifically and how this could impact your career has a journalist.
Be sure to include at least one in-text citation from the reading or viewing material for the week and you must also properly cite the examples that you used and provide links to them or upload them. At the end of your post, include your name and a full reference for all sources cited in the body of your post. All citations and references must adhere to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Writing Center Links to an external site..