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Organizing the Evidence to Answer the PICO Question

The Matrix Method is an organizational system that guides you through the literature review process  from start to finish. It is “intended to teach you how to read a paper,  organize the review using the Matrix Method, analyze it, and create a  narrative synthesis”. Now you have searched and found the  literature that answers the PICO question, you can now synthesize what  you have learned and how it fits into your literature review. One  strategy is to create a synthesis matrix. A synthesis matrix helps you  organize the main points of each book, article, or another information  resource you use. It allows you to see how the sources relate to each  other and help guide your writing.


1. Look at the literature Matrix (John Hopkins University Appendix G) and use the sources found in Discussion 6.

2. Use the

· to compare and contrast findings found in appendix G.

· Title the discussion with the PICOT question.

· Initial post: Your post should be within a range of 200-240 words.

· By looking at the Matrix, carefully look at similarities and differences between the studies.

· Do any themes arise from comparing and contrasting are there any similarities or differences.

· Write a paragraph synthesizing the information. Remember, this is in preparation for writing the literature review.

· Peer response:  Identify two (2) students that may share a similar question and comment  about their paragraph synthesis. Ask them to review your and offer  feedback. 

· Cite your references APA 7th  ed. (not included in the length of the post). 

· To see rubric, click on the 3-dot menu   on the top-right side of screen.