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Think of a business you may want to start someday or that you already own.

Create a 5- to 8-slide APA formatted (five 5-lines and 8-words per line talking points slides, plus intro and conclusion slides, and references slide) PowerPoint presentation with visuals on each slide, and speaker notes (not on slides) that address the talking points. Address the following in your presentation:
Assess the main purpose or why for starting and operating this business. Use the answer to this question to create a 1- or 2-sentence mission statement.
Assess 2 reasons why small business ownership is a more viable option for people today.
Liist and evaluate 3 challenges and 3 rewards of owning and operating a small business.
List and analyze 3 keys from your reading for starting and building a successful business.
Create a vision statement for your business by evaluating the types of products you will sell, the customers you will attract, the type of organization you would like to build, and the reputation you want to develop for your company. This is a two-part requirement: (1) The evaluation of these components (2) The actual composed vision statement that incorporates the components.