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Essay #2, and the annotated bibliography for a better grade as well. To improve your grade, you must demonstrate in-depth revision that addresses major global issues.

Keep in mind: revising does not mean simply correcting surface errors or adding a few sentences here and there; a revision is literally seeing again, a rewriting of the paper based on feedback. Each revision needs to be uploaded to Coursework. You will also need to write a brief (250-word) reflection in which you reflect on why you made the changes you did.

Do NOT simply list the changes; analyze them and your own writing process. In other words, tell me what you have learned about yourself as a writer. I cannot grade your revision unless you provide a reflection. ALL Revisions and Reflections are due by 11:55pm on Monday 11/28. Once the revision deadline has passed, you cannot resubmit your work for a grade re-evaluation.