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Listed Building – Drawing Record Schedule with BRE Digest 251 Notation

This element will require you to use the brick counting method to produce a scale drawing of the Mill House, located on Chelmsford Campus.

Using hand sketches and photographic images create a A3 scale drawing of all the external elevations of the building. No internal access is required. Your final technical drawing should be suitable in quality to issue to a fee-paying client. The level of data capture is the building elevation context to scale, location of windows and doors to a suitable tolerance to allow post development identification and monitoring of pre-existing crack damage. The A3 drawing should be marked up to communicate any defect, crack or visible repair issue. In appendix C copies of all rough sketches and photographs used to assist in the creation of the final technical drawing must be attached so that the whole journey of the drawing is shown from inspection to final product.

You can obtain a copy of BRE Digest 251 via the University Library Database Construction Information Service (CIS)

This technical drawing can be hand drawn or in CAD but must be to drawing office standard. You can obtain a CAD licence for student use and How to skills videos are available for private directed study via the University Library LinkedIn Learning.