Book: Rigoberto Gonzalez, Butterfly Boy
You do not necessarily have to answer all the parts of the question, but your essay

should be organized by an identifiable argument or claim you are making and have clear topic sentences at the start of each paragraph.

You must use citations and quoted evidence from Butterfly Boy to support your response. 2 pages minimum-3 pages max.

1. Literacy and Education: Write an essay that explores how Rigobertos education

impacts and/or transforms his life. How does reading help him survive his daily life? In what ways does his education remove him from his family?

What is the significance of literacy in his family, and how does the power of reading and writing offer him a way out of his traumatic upbringing?

Although this is a painful book, the language is often really beautiful: what might

writing about his painful experiences, and putting it into language do to help him and others with similar struggles heal?