Literature Matrix Assignment: Research on Social Challenges

Literature Matrix Assignment focuses on research on Social Challenges faced by a specific population and the outcome. The student discusses systematic reviews, meta-analyses, or book chapters related to the social challenge in the assignment.

Literature Matrix Assignment: Research on Social Challenges

Identify a specific topic for your literature review. Also, make sure your topic is not too vague (e.g., “bullying” or “cognitive behavioral therapy”). Clearly state a topic, outcome, and also the population of interest for your paper. Example: The impact of X (topic) on Y (outcome/s) in Z (population). Additionally, Make sure your topic is realistic (meaning there is recent, reliable research on that topic), and within the realm of psychology.

Explain why you are selecting that topic. Additionally, give a clear justification for why the topic you selected fits with your future goals or interests. This explanation doesn’t need to be any longer than 2-5 sentences. Also, bring this information typed on one single page to class on 1/30. You will turn this into me, and we will meet briefly in class to discuss your topic one-on-one. This assignment is worth 10 points.  If you are unsure of what do to or which topic to pick, email me or message me.

 Literature Matrix

Conduct a literature search for your chosen topic for this course and create a literature matrix (use the template available on myHeritage). This will be the first step of your capstone paper, so think critically about the sources you are including. Within the literature matrix, you will need to fill out critical information about each research article. Every Thursday I will ask students to show progress on their literature matrix in class.

Literature Matrix Assignment: Research on Social Challenges

Each progress check-in is worth 5 points. To earn the 5 points, you must demonstrate that you added at least two new articles to your literature matrix. Upload to MyHeritage the full literature matrix with at least 10 peer-reviewed articles by Friday 3/6 at 11:55 pm. A template of the literature matrix can be found on this page within the “Rubrics and Templates” section.

General requirements:

For the capstone paper, you will be writing a detailed review of research that summarizes major scholarly findings of a chosen topic in the field of psychology. The paper must describe the main topic, summarize major scholarly findings, and reflect on future directions in the field. Your literature matrix shall include key information that may be in your capstone paper. Everything in your literature matrix must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. If any part of the literature matrix is copied directly from the source that is PLAGIARISM. Any evidence of plagiarism in this class will be reported through the official university channels.

Your literature matrix needs to include at least 10 peer-reviewed articles. Also, Your literature matrix should include articles of peer-reviewed research studies, meaning the articles have methods, results, and discussion sections. In your actual paper, you may also include systematic reviews, meta-analyses, or book chapters.

Detailed Instructions


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