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Make it Fluid

THE FILE IS ATTACHEDI was wonder if you guys have any tutors or anyone that take assignment orders for Web Design work coding HTML and CSS I have put all the work and images on my page. But my coding is all messed up. It’s just needs some coding to be fix To get the content

in right place I have attached the file. The content is already there but not in the right place. Needs some fixing and new work done. Instructions: Everything is on one page. That’s what we want.  1. Frist row, the artist’s picture on right and about her paragraph should be facing. 2. Next, the second-row only “Her Work” paragraph should be in the center. 3. The last row of three images has to be in one row under the “her work”

paragraph. -We are only using index.html and style.css which is inside the CSS folder (Do not use any other file yet) -Just work with these two. Pay attention to these carefully: -You will examine how to create fluid (also sometimes called liquid) layouts using flexible percentage-based elements, floats, and a whole lot of CSS trickery to make it all behave. -The first step in creating responsive page design is having a firm understanding and command of the CSS box model. Knowing how all the properties work together to form a page layout is crucial. In this

module, you will examine and use the box-sizing property and learn how it can help contend with extra border and padding values. You will also employ the clearfix hack to keep parent elements from collapsing when they contain floated child elements. The rest of the module will devoted

to building a single-page fluid layout from scratch using only floats and percentage-based widths. Along the way, you will use a few styling tricks to make your page look great. implement the CSS box-sizing property. Implement the CSS clearfix hack. Create a fluid grid-based on percentage values. Employ floated elements in a fluid layout. Use the background-size property to employ a fluid background image.    Good luck and have fun with it!