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Online Discussion Problem Solving
This week, you have a two-part discussion question. Please read the following chapters:
Chapter 10: Healthcare Organizations
Chapter 14: Workforce Engagement
Chapter 15: Making Decisions and Solving problems
Chapter 18 : Leading Change
After reading these chapters, answer the two following questions following the discussion question guidelines:
Pick one concept that resonated best with you or grabbed your interest the most and describe how you, a new nurse manager, could adopt on your unit, a particular strategy, concept, and/or philosophy in healthcare today.
For the new innovation and strategy you identified, discuss how you would implement and lead the change following the models discussed in CH. 18. What are potential barriers, and what strategies could you use to overcome them?
Book: Yoder-Wise,P. (2019). Leading and Managing in Nursing. St. Louis: Mosby Elsevier. 7th Edition