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Making judgement as to whether a theory could be adapted for use in research is very important.

TOPIC: Making judgement as to whether a theory could be adapted for use in research is very important. Describe the internal and external criticism that is used to evaluate middle range theories. This assignment has 2 parts as explained below following APA 7th: 1) POST : 400 words in your initial post with 2 scholarly references. 2) answers to two ( 2) peers : 200 words each and 1 scholarly reference each ( What is highlighted in yellow below ) The teacher expects us to cover the following outcomes with the articles Student learning outcomes ( • Critique nursing’s conceptual models, grand theories, and mid range theories • Examine the influence that nursing models and theories have upon research and practice • Apply nursing theory or theories to nursing research, ( meaning making up how the student would apply the above knowledge in the real life practice , be specific MAIN CONCEPT LEARNED IS EXPLAINED BELOW • Internal Criticism: (Alharbi & Baker, 2020). • For this evaluation, the criteria considered are: • Clarity: how the concept is stated, evaluates the understanding of the concepts, • Consistency: answers the question, does the theory have consistent use of terms and interpretations? • Adequacy: identifies whether the theory addresses the required topic, • Logical development: checks if there is a previous theory with the same line that has been proven and remains with the same assumptions; and, • Level of development: determines if the theory is consistent with the conceptualization of middle-range theories? • • External Criticism: (Alharbi & Baker, 2020). • These criteria depend on the preference of the individual and the perceptions of the evaluator. Barnum’s criteria for judging theories by external criticism include:

• Convergence of reality: are the assumptions of the theory real? Even in the nursing world?

• Utility: is the theory useful for formulating hypotheses in nursing research?

• Importance: does the theory describe what the nurse does?

• Discrimination: answers the question of how unique is the theory?

• Scope of the theory: how broad is the theory and the phenomena included in it?

• Complexity: how many concepts are covered by the theory, and how complex are they?

• Finally, the application of a nursing theory or theories to nursing research is the learning outcome addressed in this discussion. Precisely, middle-range theories are the most applied theories to modern problems in nursing.