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Management and Organisation General information

Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Newcastle University Business School BUS1015/1001/1007 Management and Organisation General information: – If you are registered on BUS1015 or BUS1001 (2 semesters) this essay is worth 30% of the final mark for the module. – If you are registered on BUS1007 (1 semester) this essay is worth 100% of your mark for this module. – The essay for semester 1 needs to be submitted electronically on Canvas (using Turnitin) BEFORE 4pm on Friday 14th January 2022. – The word count is 1500 words (+/- 10%). Essay title: In Semester 1 we consider the origins and continuing relevance of various management theories.

‘Discuss how two insights from management theory, addressed in semester 1, are relevant for managers and/ or for understanding organisations today.’ Within your essay you need to cover the following: 1. Briefly introduce and explain two insights: the two insights must be from two topic areas listed below: – Weber – Marx – Scientific management (Taylor and Gilbreth) – Mayo and the Hawthorne investigations – The Human relations Movement and STS – Motivation theories. 2. Discuss how these two insights can be considered relevant for managers/ understanding organisations today by making reference to at least one 21st century organisation. When writing your essay, you may wish to consider the following questions: What was the context in which this theory/ insight developed? (i.e. the context in which this founding figure/ management theorist was writing/ issues they were responding to?) How have these ideas about management been used/ developed/ modified/ challenged by other writers/ scholars? What evidence is there that these ideas are still present in organisations today (and are therefore still ‘relevant’ for managers?)

Further general instructions: Your answer must make reference to: o relevant academic literature (we expect to see references made to the sources in the reading list) o at least one 21st century organisation (NB In seminars we will look at how to use relevant evidence both from academic literature and from organisations to support your argument) Your essay must be referenced appropriately using the format, Harvard at Newcastle. Your essay should be analytical and discursive, not simply a description (we will also talk about how to do this in seminars). You need to follow the standard formatting instructions outlined in the document: Business School guide to written assignments (available on the next page in Canvas); this includes advice on what is included in the word count. Formative assessment and assignment support:

There will be a recording on how to approach the assessment made available from next week. Seminars are designed to help you prepare for this assignment and will include the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback on your ideas (i.e. formative feedback). Please ask any general questions about the assignment via the ASSIGNMENT 1 discussion board on Canvas. Submission details: You need to submit an electronic copy through the Turnitin link on Canvas by the due date (i.e. BEFORE 4pm on 14th January 2022) You are responsible for uploading your work on time. If you experience any problems when uploading your paper, immediately get in touch with the NUBS Education team at [email protected]. In accordance with regulations, marks for any work submitted after 4pm on the day of the deadline will be capped at 40 providing it is received within 7 days of the submission date. All submissions received after 7 days will be automatically capped at 0%.

How you will be marked: The essay will be marked and feedback will be provided within 20 working days. Feedback will be provided through individual comments on your essay posted electronically on Canvas. Essays will be assessed using the marking rubric (see below) on the following basis: the argument you make the appreciation you demonstrate of your understanding of different points of view and perspectives the material presented to support your argument and evidence of understanding this material the presentation of your essay, particularly in your writing and use of referencing For further details on how you will be marked see document ‘essay marking rubric’ and the recording ‘How will I be marked? Marking rubric explained’ available on Canvas. Requirements: 1500