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1. Read and/or review chapter 5-9 https://platform.virdocs.com/r/s/0/doc/300849/sp/1….


2. Write a reading reflection paper (3-5 pages for the body of the paper, double-

spaced) that addresses the following two areas:


a. First select three key concepts from the assigned chapters that you plan to


retain and apply now or at some point in your career

b. Second explain how you can apply each of these three concepts to your

current workplace challenges/responsibilities or other career goals.

3. Keep the structure simple by using the following five sections in your paper.

a. Introduction

b. “Concept One: …..”

c. “Concept Two: …..”

d. “Concept Three: …..”

e. Conclusion(s)

4. Your paper should also include a Cover Page with your paper that includes: 1) Title,

2) Course Number, 3) Your Name, 4) Date and a Reference Page. (NOTE: Page

count does not include these two pages.)

5. The primary goal of writing a reading reflection paper is to respond to new

information by reflecting on new ideas and learning takeaways and then making

connections to how they can be applied in your current (or future)


6. Your writing should be professional, in the first-person, organized, and easy to


7. Consider confidentiality of others by changing names/identifying factors, if


8. Each reflection paper should be supported by material from at least two sources.

One source must be the textbook. Be sure to provide proper citations in the body of

the paper for information you use from a source. All citations must be accompanied

with a complete reference of the source at the end of the paper. For more specific

details on the mechanics of citations and references, go to the Purdue Writing Lab at


9. Use a word processing program and save the document as a Microsoft Word file

(*.docx) for final submission. Use the following format for naming your file


10. Access the appropriate assignment discussion board, click on ‘Create Thread’, and

attach the Word file.

11. Late reading reflection assignments are subject to an immediate 25% penalty,

followed by an additional 25% penalty for each remaining day late. This allows you

a three-day grace period to earn a portion of the points in the event you need extra


12. For additional information on reflective writing, visit

https://student.unsw.edu.au/reflective-writing and https://student.unsw.edu.au/how-