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Learning Goal: I’m working on a management project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

based on study case:

You will need to base your answers for Assignment 1 and 2 on this case study.
Client: The University of Newcastle
Description: The University of Newcastle (UON) has asked your team to
develop a project proposal for a new student experience initiative. The
University has indicated that this initiative should aim to address one or more
of the following:
Improve the efficiency of the use of car parking facilities across the

For your project proposal, your team has been asked to provide a project plan,
including (but not limited to) scope, budget, timeframe, and resources
required. UON Management have asked that you use the standard UON
project management documents (these are provided in Assessments on the
Blackboard site). The project management templates detail all the information
that you are required to provide for your project proposal and plan you may
add additional detail relevant to your project but all sections in the template
must be addressed. While UON Management are open to all ideas, they are
expecting that the project addressed by your plan will probably deliver some
form of software or technology your planning documents must include this.
UON Management have also indicated that they expect some deliverables
within 6 months of the start of the project, so your project timeline must factor
this in. The maximum time limit for completion of the project is 18 months
from the project start date.


Please refer to the CASE STUDY description and Project Proposal document in in Canvas.

For the case study, you will complete a Project Proposal and Project Charter using UON Enterprise Project Management Methodology (EPMM) templates. Completing these documents as a team is a task that requires you to employ the project management processes and skills that are covered in this course.

For this progress assessment, you will complete the Project Details, Project Purpose & Objectives (Short Description) and Project Scope sections from the EPMM Project Proposal document on Canvas (UoN Project Proposal template.docx see below.

Project Overview

Project Name:


Project Sponsor:

Business Owner:

Project Manager:


(Double click required box & select checked)

Major :

Medium :

Duration > 3 Months OR Cost > $100K

Duration 1 -3 Months OR Cost $50K- $100K

Mandatory Requirement:

(Legal, Audit, Other)

Briefly describe why the project is being proposed and what is hoped to be achieved by undertaking this project. E.g. identify business issues which will be addressed, strategic opportunity, audit or legal requirement.

This project aims to

Briefly list the proposed in-scope boundaries of the project and functionality delivered e.g. a new university-wide service, pilot project at a single campus etc.

Inclusions (List in-scope items)

Briefly list the proposed out-of-scope boundaries of the project and functionality eg. Service will exclude student access, will not include a specific campus etc.

Exclusions (List out-of-scope Items)

SUBMISSION: Your completed team Review of Project Management Tools and CASE STUDY Progress (Task 2 a and b) should be submitted as a single PDF document for your team via the submission link on the course Canvas site.