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Vitality Health
Paper details:
I have attached two files. One of them is the case and the other one is the instructions of the entire report. You only need to write the one part of the report but I’ve attached the whole instructions to give you a clear idea. You need to write about the issues which can be found in the case. I have also highlighted the part you need to write in the instruction’s file with yellow.

You will be preparing a report as if preparing to present to the Board of Directors. You will discuss common challenges with performance management, evaluate the current system, and provide recommendations for improvement of the performance management system implemented at Vitality Health Enterprises Inc.
Vitality Health has recently implemented a new Performance Management system. As the case ends, the VP of HR and his Evaluation Team (you) are evaluating the practical and strategic effectiveness of the new system as they prepare to present their findings and recommendations to the Board.