Managing and with application
Paper details:
Project Title: Projects coordination with active application (Can change!)
Project Activities:
1. Use managerial applications on control systems tasks.
2. Research management applications and its effects on system management.
3. Develop skills to prioritize project management.
4. Improve communications skills.

Learning Outcomes:
On completion of this project I will be able to:
1. Review control systems software.
2. Apply management systems to single application projects.
3. Develop team, management, and client relations.

Academic Resources: (Dont have to be these!)
WYSOCKI, R. K. (2010). Effective software project management.
SIEGEL, N. G. (2019). Engineering in project management.

Evidence (including word counts):
Analytical report (4000 words equivalent).

At the end I should be able to: Apply justified methods, concepts, theories in new situations.