In February 2020, the Pennsylvania Senate Law & Justice Committee held the first public hearing on the legalization of adult-use cannabis in the commonwealth chaired by Senator Mike Regan (R-Cumberland/York). Committee members heard from lawmakers, law enforcement officials, and medical marijuana industry representatives in a hearing intended to help lawmakers get a better understanding of the marijuana trade in Pennsylvania and how laws surrounding it are being enforced.
Committee Panel members were provided an opportunity to comment and question the panelists. At approximately the 1:23:15 mark in the video, Senator Brewster states,
In reading some of your terminology, I just find it interesting that you dont like the word marijuana and when I see that I think, I dont know how it is in other states but marijuana is going to be the word in Pennsylvania for a long time coming. Changing the word doesnt change the concerns. [Cannabis] may sound like technically speaking but we can call it grass, we can call it weed, whatever you want to call it. Its going to be marijuana.
1.) After viewing Senator Brewsters comment, draft a brief written response (no longer than 250 words) in a word document to his comment that the word marijuana is just the word in Pennsylvania and should not be changed.
2.) Go to the Pennsylvania Legislative web page,
Identify what counties Senator Brewster represents.
Search for Pennsylvania House Bill No. 2050 Session of 2021. As part of the bills short title, the first clause states it is An Act providing for the regulation __________________________;
Fill in the blank: The bill provides regulation for what subject?