Paper details:
Mandatory Word Count: 3,000 words (+/- 10%)

1) Individual Assessment
How can marketing communications play a positive role during and after the COVID-19 crisis?
You will write a managerial report after undertaking a critical literature review (3,000 words +/- 10%)
Assignment Structure and format
The following structure should be used:
Title page: This should include the title, your name and student ID number, and MKT4814 Individual
Executive Summary: A brief descriiption of the contents of the managerial report (one paragraph)
Main body of the managerial report: use appropriate numbered sub-headings
Referencing: evidence of using good sources is important and therefore, your sources must be correctly
cited and fully referenced in Harvard style.
Font, Arial 12pt, double line spacing
Exceeding the word count, and/or submission in a form other than a Word Document will result in a penalty of 10% of your marks for your work.Assessed Learning
O utcome(s)
1. Critically evaluate the major theories and current issues in marketing communications;
2. Interpret and apply theories into integrated marketing communications practice and decision making;
5. Distinguish and evaluate marketing communications frameworks in a range of circumstances influencing a
proposed marketing communications solution;
6. Work and learn autonomously and to critically reflect on achieved results
This Report will involve researching high-quality commercial sources as well as conducting a critical literature review. You should refer to relevant learning resources listed in Section 6 of this handbook. A minimum of 20 scholarly peer-reviewed references must be used.
Assessment Criteria
The Assessment grade will be informed by the following criteria:
Depth of research, analysis, interpretation, argument and discussion
Appropriate use of theory as well as theoretical frameworks and concepts
Presentation of the assessment (e.g. spelling, grammatical errors punctuation, syntax and structure)
Referencing and academic rigour

(PERSONAL NOTE TO THE WITER): This coursework is for course called “MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS” for a masters in business administration program I am undertaking. I will be attaching the file that I need to be revised , along with the handbook in which you can find further information on the coursework guidelines ,mandatory learning outcomes to be followed and criteria . I will also be attaching a sample essay that way given to us of which you can use the format to improve this coursework or add to it . I will need proper academic references and some images similar but not the same as in the sample coursework it should just serve asa guide on how to improve it .

(IMPORTANT NOTICE) : The sector assigned to me for this coursework is the telecommunications industry in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES region during and after the cover 19 pandemic in line with the question to be answered for the assessment . The writer is also to use and apply the “SOSTAC” model along with other necessary marketing communications principles in answering the questions and improving the essay . Referencing is to be done in Harvard style with academic references . Please ensure to take a look at the attached files and the handbook under assessment 1 for further information