Medical personal Statement
Paper details:
You can start with a scenario of how I witnessed patients gasping for breath and how that gave me the drive to get into medicine. Or how me volunteering at the medical camp gave me the ‘what if’ I become a doctor feeling.

Experiences include:
volunteered at a medical camp in 2019.
Internship at Hindu Mandal Hospital whereby I shadowed surgeons and specialists. Also witnessed a C-Section.
Worked at two medical camps as an assistant to a doctor in Iraq, and saw over 400 patients.

How these experiences and the information gathered from the British Medical journal and the Lancet proves how I am going to be a fantastic student of medicine.

Hobbies include football and all other kind of sports.

Wider reading? The BMJ or The Lancet, for example to prove you understand the role of doctor in the NHS. And talk more about the NHS.

How has your Biomedical Sciences degree provided skills/knowledge needed for Medicine?