Discussion Prompts Where is your target audience active online? Based on your research from Week 1, explain the sites and social networks your target audience frequents. Reflect on the personas you created for target audiences earlier in this course. Explain their mobile usage, either based on actual customer data (if you have access) or general data available for your audience demographics. How will you ensure the influencers or brand ambassadors you select are active on the same online platforms as your target audiences? What steps can you take in your influencer or ambassador selection process to ensure there is alignment? How will you use the insights to improve your marketing? Explain how you will use those target audience insights to improve influencer outreach, brand ambassador relations, and general marketing communications. Initial Post Instructions Your initial post… Must be posted by Wednesday at 11:59 pm ET of this week OR by 11:59 pm ET on the due date listed in the Welcome activity (if a holiday affects due dates). If there are no university holidays this month, then the due date is set for Wednesday as stated above. Must fully answer the prompts provided in the previous section. Must incorporate quality research through podcast and online references. Quality research means that your thoughts, ideas, and opinions are backed by credible sources and offer further information on the topic at hand. Must be substantiative in nature with at least two paragraphs in length consisting of at least eight substantiative, complete sentences per paragraph. Must contain at least three (3) reliable online references. Please note, you must use APA formatted in-text citation, include a clickable link to an active page (hyperlink), and include a reference section with full APA references. Please intersperse these references within your post and put the link behind the word or phrase to which it refers.