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You are not limited in your scope or your focus. Only please, remember the following:

Do not rely on clichs like an over-emphasis on trite phrases like melting pot or American Dream.
Present complex and nuanced ideas; let them evolve and gain in significance as your essay develops.
Be sure your essay is cohesive and coherent; it should not feel like a piecemeal approach but rather a blending of related ideas.
Organize your essay by IDEAS, not by source. You should not simply summarize many sources. Make them talk to each other. Let your initial idea gain in complexity as your essay develops. Your conclusion should not merely restate your introduction. You have 15 pagesexplore many related ideas.
Analyze and interrogate your sources; dont just report on them.
Write something that matters and that interests you and your reader
Essays that do not significantly fill page 13 (not including the works cited list) and/or do not use the required type and number of research sources will be significantly penalized.