Memo to Management


The management of the Hampshire Company is very interested in measuring performance. They would like you to recommend a strategy to increase business performance. They are not sure whether they should focus on product differentiation or cost leadership. Research additional performance tools to include the balanced scorecard. During your research, consider what performance measurements you would use based on the four perspectives. Provide examples.


In your recommendation, you will want to include the outcome of your previous quantitative analysis and research performed related to cost-volume-profit (CVP), variable and absorption costing, just-in-time (JIT), standard costs, variances, and benchmarking. You will want to review key points and make recommendations based on your current research and prior analysis completed and research performed.  


Your two- to three-page memo to management must be submitted as a Word document and must include your responses to Parts A through C of Section V as outlined in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.