Assessment Description

Kevin Whalling, Chief Counsel for the Whalling Law Group, PLLC must present on behalf of a newly formed Arizona Historic Restaurant Association (AHRA) at the United States House of Representatives. The AHRA is seeking a censure of the National Park Service from the United States House of Representatives by presenting in front of the House Committee on Ways and Means. The AHRA is upset for several reasons, primarily 1) That it feels that the National Park Service is acting as legislatively, executively, and judicially regarding restaurants in the national parks, passing codes and punishing restaurants without proper checks, 2) That it is failing to renew contracts in a timely manner, and 3) That it is improperly fining and punishing restaurant owners operating in the national parks for nonsensical reasons.
Mr. Whalling has been asked to address the members of the Ways and Means committee regarding three issues: 1) The importance of the principles of the separation of powers and the system of checks and balances, 2) Identifying the roles and functions of the three branches in governing, and 3) Explaining how the three branches of government function to limit the concentration of power.
Mr. Whallings co-counsel will attempt to address why the National Park Service is acting inappropriately with regard to acting in the capacity of having the powers of all three branches of government and why that is a problem. Mr. Whallings job is therefore exclusive to the three items listed in the preceding paragraph.
Mr. Whalling has asked you to prepared Memorandum of Law to address the three issues presented. Remember that this is an internal memorandum for Mr. Whalling; while his job is ultimately to support the AHRA, you can provide an objective analysis.
Use the Topic 4 Memorandum of Law template to write a memorandum of 750 to 1,000 words. Follow the prompts within brackets in the template to complete the assignment. You will need to access and read the “Memorandum of Law General Instructions” document prior to completing the template.