Choose your research paper topic: Mental Health

Instruction: For example, if the topic was health, then I could do: "The health effects of Tai Chi Chuan practice for senior citizens. I am organizing this by the most important health benefits first."

Essay Rough Draft Assignment.

By this time, you should have gotten through the material and have chosen one of the options for the comparison/contrast essay assignment. Now lets get started on writing the actual essay. Since writing processes differ a great deal, I am always careful not to be too linear and bossy about how you write your essay. If you have any method that works well for you, then keep that method. Please remember that the draft is an opportunity to craft your introductory paragraph and to organize your support and prepare the MLA citations you will use in the final essay. That being said, if you feel that you are stuck getting started, here are some steps for putting together your two page draft: 

1.      Pick the topic that you wish to write for the essay, and write the option before the title.

2.      Think about the hypothetical situation that you have chosen and pick out details. 

3.      Do some research on the issue that the couple is facing and perhaps what might help.

4.      Start writing an introductory paragraph with a hook to grab the reader’s attention. 

5.      In that first paragraph, set the stage for the rest of the essay by describing a bit of back story. (Ex. "Everything was going fine until Leonard was deployed to Afghanistan and wounded." 

6.      Mention the problem in the second paragraph, and then address one or more of the characteristics of good and bad relationships that you plan on exploring in the essay. 

7.      You could use a chronological organization (by order of time–this happened and then that happened). Or you could use a topical organization (communication, trust, loving behaviors).

8.      Try to find appropriate places to put outside support.