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NURS 243 Mental Health Nursing Assignment: Assist With Design of a Psychiatric Hospital
Goal: Assist with design of a new psychiatric hospital to meet the inpatient and outpatient needs of the
city of Las Vegas.
1. Identify the need for expanded psychiatric services in Las Vegas
2. Discuss the types of in-patient and outpatient psychiatric services that psychiatric hospitals provide
3. Explain why the community may experience anxiety when a new psychiatric facility is built
4. Identify the role of the treatment team (psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses)
5. Describe the role of the psychiatric nurse in in-patient and outpatient settings
Scenario: It is 2035 and you are Nurse Manager of a psychiatric in-patient unit. For10 years, you have
provided care to in-patient and outpatient psychiatric patients in Las Vegas. You are appointed by the
governor to serve on a committee that will propose and oversee the building of a new psychiatric hospital
in Las Vegas. As a committee member, you have been assigned to write a proposal including:
Need for new psychiatric hospital in Las Vegas
Safety features designed into the psychiatric hospital
Populations to be served at the psychiatric hospital
In-patient psychiatric services
Outpatient psychiatric services
Psychiatric Emergency/Crisis services
Psychiatric treatments for mental illness
Multidisciplinary treatment team
Psychiatric nursing staff
Develop and maintain good relationships with Emergency Rooms in Las Vegas