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Mental Health Services Disparities
Paper details:
To complete this assignment, you will write a paper assessing how one specific problem (e.g., poverty, domestic violence, addiction, sexual abuse) impacts a particular population (e.g., older adults, youth). Using the required and recommended readings and content for this course, and additional external literature and readings as needed, construct an 8-10 page paper via APA format in a word document and be sure to use an appropriate number of sources and citations throughout. The suggested format follows:

Cover Page
Introduction: Open with an introduction that provides statistics for the problem and the impact upon a specific population (e.g., homelessness among youth in the U.S., elder abuse among 75+ year old adults in rural areas).
Intersectionality: Consider intersectionality factors such as race, socioeconomic status, ability, sexual/gender identity, and implications for anti-oppressive micro, mezzo, and macro practice.
Self-Reflection: Reflect upon how your own biases, stereotypes, and assumptions about this problem and population can impact your role as a practitioner across micro, mezzo, and macro practice frameworks.
Note: Check the rubric before you write the paper to become familiar with the grading criteria. Once you have completed the paper, use the rubric to review your paper being cognisant of the point values for each section.

*Feedback from the first paper was that great points were made, however, she did not see statistics and the resources sited to back the claim. I have attached the first paper and rubric for this reflective paper.