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Methodology for the region of Halton

For this assignment you will write a proposed methodology based on a research scenario provided in class. You must write a methodology explaining how you would collect data in response to the research question. This should be no more than 8 pages (not including title page and reference list), double spaced, professional font (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri), 12-point font, normal margins. It should not be written in first person. You are expected to refer to the textbook and other resources (textbooks, academic articles, etc.) within your report using in text citations to give support and credibility to your proposed idea. Two examples of methodologies are provided in D2L.

  The Region of Halton  as part of the development of their destination management strategy wishes to conduct consultation with key stakeholders to determine the thoughts and perceptions of tourism in the Region of Halton. Write a methodology identifying how you would go about conducting a comprehensive study for the Region of Halton and the development of their tourism strategy. What stakeholders would be included, what research approach would be taken and what strategies would be best to obtain the bests sample. Please refer to the examples on D2L and the course outline/rubric to create a comprehensive methodology.  

 (I HAVE THE TEXTBOOK WITH ME, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME AND I WILL PROVIDE IT TO YOU BECAUSE I NEED IT AS A REFERENCE) Your paper should address the following topics:   1. Purpose, Objectives and Research Questions–Brief summary of research purpose as well as research questions and objectives to answer the topic at hand.     2.Methods Research Approach: Identify and explain qualitative and quantitative data collection and why you choose your specific method. Consider all the elements of the research process you critiqued in the previous assignment.

You must consider various aspects to the research process, including but not necessarily limited to the following: -Is the project exploratory/descriptive/explanatory? -Should it use qualitative or quantitative approaches? – Should it use singular or mixed methods? Why or why not? -What instruments are available for each method?     3.Research Process:– What type of data collection instruments should be used?-What are some key concepts that should be operationalized in the data collection instruments?– Provide a description and discussion of the key phases on who you will conduct the study. 4. Sampling– Who is the study population?

–What sampling frame(s) should be used?–What sampling strategy/ies should be used?-How and where you will recruit participants?-How many participants you will aim for?– What should the sampling ratio be?   5.  Ethics – How can ethical best practices be followed?–Be clear and honest in acknowledging and explaining the limitations of your proposed approach     6. Critical path – Map out a schedule of the key phases and when they would be completed– Consider how long data collection will take; e.g. for face-to-face surveys or interviews, how many per hour etc.?