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Mexican American culture of San Antonio Texas.
Paper details:
Identify your topic
I will be researching the Mexican American culture of Texas with emphasis on the San Antonio region. I will be exploring all aspects of the culture and how it relates to the success and or failure of those in the culture.
Explain why your topic is of interest and significance to you and to the field
I am originally from San Antonio, Texas. Growing up in SA there was a lot that I saw and experience that has shaped me into the person I am today. Joining the military, I was afforded the opportunity to look back at my culture through objective lenses since I wasnt a part of the culture anymore. I am from a very poor family and growing up life wasnt always easy. This topic will give me the opportunity to explore the why behind the successes and failures that a lot of Mexican Americans see now and days.
Identify specific questions you wish to answer (modernization, social change, urbanization, race relations, and cross-cultural communication)
1. What role does religion play in the issues of race relations? Does it have an impact on success?
2. What opportunities do the schools systems give to the youth and when do they introduce them?
3. How prevalent are single parent homes and what does it do for the success of the youth.
4. How do social circles affect the outcomes of someones life?
5. How does income play a role in all of this?
6. How many Mexican Americans from Texas leave the state and find success?
Articulate the learning outcomes you want to achieve
I want a better understanding of the culture so I can find the flaws and fix them where I can. I know this is a very touchy subject from some people, but I believe that if we never look at ourselves then how can we know we are wrong. There is a lot that can be learned and appreciated from the Mexican American culture. With that being said, there is a lot that can be revised that could lead to a better outcome in life.

Length: Approximately 18-25 pages (maps, graphs, and other supporting graphics will not be included in the overall page count).


Times New Roman 12 point font
Double spaced
Suggested that it is organized like a white paper, but that may be modified to fit your particular paper
Must contain citations where needed within the body of the paper
Must include a References page that lists at least seven resources or interviewees with name, address and phone number
APA format
From the beginning of your time at Norwich, you have been using the Rubric for Written Assignments as a guide to quality work and an instrument to assess your work. This rubric is relevant to your field study research paper. Your field study work will be assessed on the following:

Conceptual understanding and issue identification
Critical and effective use of information and resources
Organization and presentation of ideas
Understanding and effective use of the concept of audience
Effective use of language, grammar and APA format