Microsoft Project Assignment: Creating and Scheduling in MS

This Microsoft Project Assignment focuses on Creating and Scheduling in MS. The student sets up the WBS in MS project, a schedule document covering the items discussed in class. Also provides information regarding computer equipment and other components.

Microsoft Project Assignment: Creating and Scheduling in MS

For this assignment, you will focus on creating a WBS and scheduling in MS Project. You will set up the WBS in MS Project and assign LABOR RESOURCES ONLY. (Information regarding computer equipment, other components, and materials will be provided to you as part of Assignment #3.)

A Project Schedule document, consisting of a Gantt Chart, covering items as discussed in class and developing the Assignment #1 Case Study into a formal project schedule. Be sure to add Project Management and Quality Management tasks to those tasks that accomplish the deliverables already specified in the Case Study. Further, set up the project software according to the instructions you will receive in class. You will need to finalize your WBS from the Case Study information in order to develop the complete list of tasks that must be entered into the software for the Schedule. This will also mean that you will use the new information to modify your previous WBS from Assignment #1/Class Challenge. (You may also wish to remove unnecessary steps that may drive up the cost of your project.)

Microsoft Project Assignment: Creating and Scheduling in MS

MS-Project Resource Sheet, Create a resource sheet and add all of your labor resources to include resource names, types, availability and costs. At this point, do not worry about adding computer equipment, other components, and materials. This will be done as part of the Assignment

Some additional considerations: You do not need to create a Charter, Scope Statement or WBS Dictionary for this assignment. This case problem is a continuation of that used in Assignment 1 and the Practical Lab 1 session. You do need to build on your original WBS to produce a final WBS from the additional information in the case study. Further, enter these items into the software. You do not need to produce any separate WBS documentation or dictionary for this assignment. Be sure you give each of the WBS entries the proper numerical code. Additionally, indent the tasks to show the structure of the project WBS as per the MS-Project Software.

Microsoft Project Assignment: Creating and Scheduling in MS

For the purposes of these assignments, be careful not to make your WBS too complex. Therefore, the elimination of unnecessary components or components that will drive up the overall project costs from Assignment# 2 is recommended.

You must think about how to sequence the tasks logically and efficiently. Some task dependency is understandable from the assignment, but is ultimately up to you, as there are several correct possibilities. Do your best to identify the logical progression of tasks that makes sense and determine which can be done in parallel.

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