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Watch the video “Dorothea Lange: An American Odyssey” which is a mini biographic documentary about photographer Dorothea Lange during the 1930’s.  



Based on the video describe two things that stood out to you about women during the 1930’s. Does it seem that during the 1930’s women have more rights than the periods before or are there still constraints?  Notice that you can use Dorothea, her mother, her friend, or the women she photographs – you do not and should not only speak on Dorothea.  POST YOUR RESPONSE BY RESPONDING TO THIS POST. 


Post your initial discussion by replying to this prompt. Due Tuesday May 25 


Reply to two classmate’s post.

Treat these asynchronous discussions as you would treat an in-person discussion with your classmates. The purpose of these discussions is to use critical thinking and to exchange ideas with your classmates. This is also a good opportunity to ask your classmates questions regarding things you dont fully understand. It’s also an opportunity to help your classmates if you understood something that they did not. You should not treat this as an essay and please use your own words and ideas on the material rather than simply restating the content. You must do more than give a summary of the reading.


*I will send you two classmates responds after the part 1 since I cant see what they wrote until I turn in my discussion.*