– What have you learned about misinformation and disinformation this semester?
– How have you seen disinformation and misinformation used during coverage of the Ukraine-Russia war? Cite specifics.
– What strategies/tools have you learned about this semester to help you get to the truth? Please cite at least three strategies. Please cite lecture notes and book readings in your analysis as well.
– Finally, what are your thoughts about the future of news literacy given the use of disinformation during war coverage?

(Below are lectures files, the professor encourages us to cite lectures and books, so free to cite.
We use mainly this book to study for weekly quizzes: • Detecting Bull: How to Identify Biased, Fake and Junk Journalism in the Digital Age, 3rd Edition, John H. McManus,
I don’t think you can download the book online for free, I bought it on via Kindle.
The other two not as often, but I still gonna list here:
• Verification Handbook, Craig Silverman (online)
• Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook (PDF)