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1.How can salespeople make sales dialogue interesting and understandable to buyers?

2.What are the key challenges of selling to groups versus individuals?

Office Furniture Company


The Office Furniture Company specializes in providing customer with office furniture solutions that are customized and designed to address productivity and aesthetic needs. It sells office furniture from the leading manufacturers, but creates value by analyzing the specific needs of each customer and then developing a customized design to meet these needs. There are several competitors in the office furniture industry, but most of them focus on low prices. Customers usually pay more for an Office Furniture Company solution, but receive more value in terms of increased productivity and business effectiveness.

Current Situation

Naiser & Associates is a small, but growing accounting firm. The company plans to add more office staff and to increase the number of its accountants. This planned growth means that the firm will have to find new office space, because it will have outgrown its current location. Because it plans continued growth in the future, it is looking for a new office that will accommodate current and future growth objectives. Naiser & Associates also wants to purchase new and better furniture for its new office.

You are a sales representative for the Office Furniture Company and have been meeting with partner, Frank Naiser, as well as accountants and staff at Naiser & Associates. Based on these meetings, you have identified the following office furniture needs:

3. Naiser & Associates has typically met with clients at their offices. It would like to have most client meetings in the future at its new office. This means they desire furniture for these meetings that facilitates these meetings and communicates a professional and customer-friendly image.

4. Their current office furniture did not provide much storage for accountants or staff. Thus, important documents were stored at the end of a long hallway. Employees wasted a lot of time trying to retrieve important documents. Thus, they desire furniture that provides more storage for each employee.

5. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, so furniture that can be easily adapted to new technologies is very important.

6. As Naiser & Associates continues to grow, it will probably have to reorganize itself and is likely to need to adapt the physical office to different organizational arrangements. Office furniture that is adaptable to different configurations is important.

You have created an office equipment design for Naiser & Associates that addresses each of the issues presented above and are preparing for a meeting with the partner, Frank Naiser, the office manager and a representative for the firms accountants. You know that a competitor has already made a presentation to the same group and their offer will cost less than what you will be able to charge.

7. Research a popular advertising message (Always Coca~Cola, Wheres the Beef, Can You Hear Me Now, etc.). Explain the impact of the message and why you think it was successful. What marketing goals were sought? What types of ad(s) were used to relate this message? Construct your findings and response in a 200 word essay.

8. You are designing an ad for a (choose one): car, laptop, health clinic. What would your ad look like if you were targeting: older generation, kids, wealthy people. What celebrity would you have endorse your brand? Why? (A CAR; THE CELEBRITY WOULD BE RICK ROSS. HE LOVE CARS!)

9. According to the text and research companies, what happens when there is a low response rate?

10. A large furniture store located in a city in the southwestern United States was interested in determining how households living in and around the city viewed the image of the store. Store managers hired a local market research company to collect data. The researchers drew a systematic sample of 2,500 names from the local telephone directory and set out to conduct telephone interviews. At the conclusion of the data collection phase of the project, the researchers recorded 1,223 completed interviews, 598 not-at-homes, 427 refusals, and 252 nonworking telephone numbers. Calculate the response rate on the project.

11. The placement office at a university has hired you to assist it in determining the size of starting salaries and the range of salary offers received by graduating seniors. The placement office has always gathered some information in this regard in that historically some seniors have come in to report the name of the company for which they are going to work and the amount of their starting salary. The office feels that these statistics may be biased, and thus it wishes to approach the whole task more systematically. This is why it has hired your expertise to determine what the situation was with respect to last years graduating seniors.


The population mean (m) is hypothesized to be 200

The sample mean () is 220

The sample size (n) is 25

The sample standard deviation (s) is 15

1.Identify the estimated value of the standard error of mean.

2.Give the estimated value of the test statistic.

3.The degree of freedom would equal __________.