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Health care administrators, or health services administrators, have varying roles and functions. Generally, health care administrators plan, coordinate, and supervise the functions of health care organizations. Health care administrators must be aware of financial and reimbursement strategies to be effective and successful leaders.

While many Chief financial officers and financial managers help develop the direction of the organization financially, most health care administrators typically have budgetary and financial responsibility in managing their respective departments and programs. The HCO is a complex system of interconnected areas that focus on coordination, quality, operational, and financial service.

The financial organization and operational aspects of the organization is important. Health care administrators must have a basic understanding of these areas to successfully run their respective departments and/or organizations. WE will look at how departments structure key financial positions within their respective HCO’s and how duties and responsibilities are delegated and managed.

Research and summarize two articles pertaining to this weeks topics.Three to five pages, APA formatted ,describing the critical areas of research. Journal and/or peer reviewed articles required. Industry terminology must be used. Current research, within the last five years preferred.