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The Module 9 Response Assignment is the Research Scavenger Hunt! What fun!


Note: This particular module response assignment is a bit different than the previous module response assignments. 

You do not have a word count requirement. You also do not need to specify the prompt selected (because there is only one option). Most answers do not even have to be in complete sentences.

You do still need to use MLA format (heading and  title). 

Here is the Scavenger Hunt:



Please type out your answers on a new page.

Submit ONLY your answers. Do not submit the entire Scavenger Hunt Instructions and Questions. (It is 10 points off if you submit the entire Scavenger Hunt.)

You do not need to write the answers in complete sentences.

MLA Reminder: Be sure that any titles used as answers on the Exercise are put into proper MLA format. ” ” for article and other short works, Italics for database, book, and other longer work titles. Standard capitalization for titles: Cap only the first letter of each important word. (The Catcher in the Rye.)