1. Artifacts: Explain how each artifact best showcases your work and adds value to your career profile. Artifacts include any kind of content, such as assignments, that you could potentially share in a professional context. For this course, it is recommended that you consider the following as artifacts:
    • Project Two- Letter to Hospital CEO- Advocating for Change Related to the Negative Trend of Health Inequity

      MSN Role

    • Project Three- MSN Personal Philosophy- Nursing Values and Skills
  2. Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes: Discuss what knowledge, skills, or attitudes you have gained throughout this course. One of these areas was likely a stronger focus for you than the others. You can address one, two, or all three based on your perspective of your learning.
  3. AACN Essentials: Reflect on how you advanced or changed your understanding of the sub-competencies from the AACN Essentials. Revisit Domain 9 of the AACN Essentials. Consider the sub-competencies you explored in Module One. How has your thinking evolved? Note that you may have made assumptions around which competencies you would learn, but you may or may not have learned what you expected to learn. (https://www.aacnnursing.org/AACN-Essentials)