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The multi-disciplinary practice you work for has been retained by Aprilla Developments PLC, and they have asked for specific advice relating to the Tollesbury site. Aprilla Developments PLC have wide experience in developing commercial, residential and mixed-use schemes.

You should refer to the details of the site provided in the assignment scenario above and will also need to carry out further independent research on the area and planning.

Task 1

Prepare a report for the developer’s board of directors that appraises any physical, legal, economic and planning issues that will impact on the future development of the site. The report should include identification of the factors that you consider carry the greatest risk in the project and advise your client how these may be mitigated.

(approximate word count: 1,100 words)

Task 2

Provide a site layout plan for a scheme that aligns with the local authority’s aspirations and policy for the site and the NPPF. The site layout plan should include a schedule of the various forms of accommodation in the proposal.

The site layout plan should include:

• the location of the various uses on the site;

• the number and size of units you consider might be acceptable by the local planning authority on the site;

• the provision of access routes to and around the site;

• proposals for soft landscaping around the site;

• suggested sustainability measures.

(approximate word count: 500 words)

Brief explanatory comments may be included with your plan. These are considered part of your drawing and are excluded from the word count (see ‘Word count and overwriting’ section below), but should not exceed 200 words.