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1. You will be curating your own art exhibit using the terms that we covered in this unit on the different fine arts media. Your exhibit must include at least three different terms from each of the different categories listed below: 3 different terms from drawing, 3 different terms from sculpture, 4 different terms from painting, etc.

2. Determine a theme for your fine arts exhibition. (Examples of exhibition themes could be mythological heroes, religion, the human body, etc.) The artworks that you select for this assignment must all fit the theme in some way.

3. Name your exhibition and create a brief paragraph that gives an overview of your exhibition topic. This information should be included on slide 1 of your PowerPoint presentation.

4. Next, select a minimum of 20 artworks for your exhibition that illustrate 20 terms listed from the media terms below. (Remember, each artwork must both illustrate a term and fit your theme.) Choose your artworks from the following museums’ permanent collections: the Getty Museum (http://www.getty.edu/museum/), the Louvre Museum (http://www.louvre.fr/en), or the Museum of Modern Art (www.moma.org).

5. Create a visual tour of your exhibition in PowerPoint format. Each slide of your PowerPoint presentation should include a high quality image of a selected artwork, plus the artists name (if known) or the culture of origin, title, date, medium, and the name of the museum that owns it.

6. Also on each slide, label the term illustrated. Write one or two sentences explaining how your piece illustrates each term. Then, include one or two sentences explaining how the artwork fits your exhibition theme.