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natural tendencies when confronted with conflict.

 Below, I have attached a quick questionnaire that explores your natural tendencies when confronted with conflict. Not everyone approaches conflict in the same way. We all have a “first instinct” style when dealing with conflict, and each style has some positive and negative attributes. When working with a team, it is important to understand your own conflict style, as well as the styles of your teammates. On the first page, complete the questionnaire and tally up the scores for each question under the A, B, C, D, and E headings. The highest score or scores represent your natural tendencies when dealing with conflict. The second page has a quick description of each conflict style (A = Competing, B = Accommodating, C = Compromising, and so on). For your discussion posting, briefly discuss your conflict style and list one positive and one negative aspect of your style. When commenting on at least TWO of your classmates’ posts, try to respond to people who have different conflict styles and address how you might try to resolve a conflict with that style.