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this writing assignment is for Pscyhology 


This assignment was designed to allow you to explore how psychological theories and research applies to your own experiences. In this assignment, you are to write a single-spaced, two-page (8 X 11) paper on the nature versus nurture debate. Your paper should include:

  • brief description of the nature and nurture theories.
  • Whether or not you think nature, nurture, or both affect an individuals personality and why.
  • A discussion on how they relate to you (has nature, nurture, or both impacted your development and how).
  • Also, make sure to include your thoughts, bias, and feelings about the nature and nurture theories.
Your paper should be typed using Microsoft word, 1-inch margins all around, size 12 Times New Roman Font, and left justified. All resources used in this assignment should be cited in APA format (see APA Publication Manual). Plagiarism will not be tolerated and if found will be penalized accordingly