Purpose Statement


            The advancements in the field of technology over the past 20 years have given the world a means of being universally connected at all times. From internet of things (IoT), smartphones, smart fitness trackers, and smart home devices, these internets connected devices have streamlined how society conducts day to day interactions. Although technology has great benefits regarding the advancement of society, it has also negatively impacted younger generations. Ultimately, these continued and rapid advancements with technology will impact younger impressionable generations at an unforeseen cost. Technological advancements coupled with constant connectivity affect younger generations by means of providing instant gratification, social media mimicking, and psychological consequences regarding reality. 

Research Questions:

1. How does technology support/enforce instant gratification in society

2. What psychological impacts does technology and the internet pose on adolescents

3. Way for parents to identify the symptoms

4. Is there a way to reverse the damage caused by over exposure to technology

Significance of the study

The significance of the study is to investigate the negative psychological effects technology has on younger generations.