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New Police Supervisor Handbook
You have been tasked with creating a handbook for new police supervisors. The topics listed below will be covered in this handbook.
Provide techniques for improving employee morale within the police department.
Discuss tips and tricks for supervising new officers as well as more experienced officers.
Explain how to report incidents to leadership. (Should there be an open-door policy in place, or should it occur through the use of an anonymous platform?)
Include information about the continuing education and leadership training required for new supervisors, including diversity, equity, and inclusion training.
Feel free to use your favorite search engine to locate examples of police supervisor handbooks to help you get started.
This assignment should consist of at least two pages, and you should use at least two references, one of which can be your textbook. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.