New Test Annotated Bibliography and Validation Memo
Now that you have updated your physicians on the state of the lab, its time to choose a new test to add to the lab menu. The doctors have some ideas which they have forwarded to you. You can only add one test this year, and you must choose that test from the list of tests that the doctors requested. This list is on your Lab Data Sheet. Youll need to support your decision with primary literature, journal articles from peer-reviewed journals. Choose your test and then build an annotated bibliography to support your choice. You will need five references.
You can use this resource to guide your creation of your annotated bibliography:
Use the APA style.
Once you have the annotated bibliography, you need to create another memo about 1 page long, explaining which test that you chose and how the new test will need to be validated. Again, just hit the high points for the doctors. Tell them the basic steps you will follow to validate the test and give them an estimated timeline.
To complete this assignment successfully, work through the following steps:
1. Review the test list provided for your chosen laboratory. Choose a test to add to your menu. (Chosen test: Urine myoglobin)
2. Search the primary literature for recent articles that talk about your chosen test. Method comparisons, validation studies, and analyte discovery studies are the best types of studies to find.
3. Create a five-reference annotated bibliography using the references that you found. Choose the best resources generated by your search. By best, I mean those that show how valuable the test could be to patient care.
4. Write the memo explaining validation. It should be addressed to the physicians in the practice. It should be 1-2 pages long, single-spaced, and in 12 point font. Include your annotated bibliography in the memo as support for your choice of test.
5. Edit your memo for clarity, concise language, spelling, and grammar.
* Please use APA style and my chosen test is urine myoglobin. I need 5 references in my annotated bibliography. Everything is single-spaced and in 12-point font. One page is the annotated bibliography, one is the validation memo.
*A sample is attached. Just following the format of this sample should be good.