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 choose a case from your state( New YorkState) that involves civil rights or civil liberties that wound its way upto the United States Supreme Court. 

Youshould be able to go online and look up your state and famous cases that endedup in the Supreme Court. 

A. Summary of the Case

In one or two paragraphs, provide a general overview of thecase that serves as a snapshot of what the case is about and how it ended up inyour state high court. A summary is using your words to write a brief historyof the case. Do not give your opinion or your interpretation but stick to thefacts only.

B: Case Outline

Your court case outline should include:

  1. Title: Name of the case
  2. Facts of the case: Provide key facts involving the case.
  3. History of the case: What legal action was taken based on what your state laws say about this case?
  4. Legal questions: What were the legal issues the court had to decide?
  5. Decision or holdings: Did the court decide for the plaintiff or the defendant? Explain the reason behind the decision?
  6. Verdict and opinion (judgement): What were the concurring and dissenting opinions? How many judges decided for the defendant and how many justices decided against the defendant? What was the final verdict from the judge or the jury, if it was a jury trial?

Summary: What was the resulting impact of the ruling? Howdid the citizens of your state benefit from it? Make sure to not give ouropinion but stick to the facts only. This summary just gives a brief rundown ofthe case and conclusion only, just the

Writing Requirements (APA format)

  • The length of your outline will vary. Usually an outline is anywhere from 1-3 pages long. Make sure to write full sentences to explain your case. It is a concise list to be used as a reference for you during the presentation.