Objective: to understand how contemporary events can be examined and analyzed using sociological theories/frameworks and the sociological imagination.

Find one in-depth (should be longer than a page) news article (no more than 30 days old) on a topic that interests you and demonstrates the effect of social forces on society. It must NOT be an editorial, letter to the editor, or opinion piece. Points will be taken off for use of editorials or opinion pieces. You may choose from: “The New York Times,” “The Wall Street Journal,” “Politico, ” “The Washington Post,” “The BBC,” “The Los Angeles Times,” “The Guardian,” “The Economist,” “NPR (National Public Radio),” or “Bloomberg News.”

Use only listed sources – these will provide you with the detailed, in-depth articles you will need for your analysis.

Highest grade for a paper using any other sources (other than above) is 50%. Highest grade for a paper lacking a citation for article is 50%.

Explain how the article subject matter relates to and/or can be analyzed through major sociological concepts (sociological perspective, sociological imagination etc.), sociological frameworks and/or sociological theories that we have discussed in class. In the article/subject area you have chosen, how are groups and/or individuals influenced by some of the social forces we are discussing in class? You are required to include: (ONLY) one of the Big Three frameworks as an integral part of your paper and include a related/relevant sociological theorist in a meaningful way in your discussion. Be clear in your points and in making connections between framework and actual events in society. Be very brief in relating events from article –instead spend most of your space in analysis. Use specific examples. The only citation at the end (and this one is required) will be an APA citation of the news article on which your posting is based.

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