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writing exercise for fiction and drama
Paper details:
I will provide a link to the video recording later and your job is to finish the writing exercise in the video. Easy.

some example will be like:
this is an example
Writing Exercise:
Next person!, the nurse call the guy behinds the the lady who just went out for nucleic acid testing. I dont know why I Cannot open my phone. It has technical problem, the guy says so. Sorry, you have to turn it on for me to scan and then let you pass this gate, the smile affectedly remains still on her appearance, but keeps longer. With the sun in mid-summer, the rising heat made everyone to be restless. You can tell that there is something unstable fill in the air. Make an exception please, I am urge! I mean I have to be there before 6o clock. the sweat on mans forehead that he is really impatient. No, this is the rule of the government, you have to follow! I dont have the rights to make you pass unless you turn it on The nurses voice goes up as well, while the smile behind the mask is vanish. Shut up ! What a damn rule!, the man roar with anger, trying to beating the nurse but soon get arrest by the guards, while only a breeze blow through here, to the other side of the gate.