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NIH National Human Genome Research Institute

Review the information found on the NIH National Human Genome Research Institute web site (please attachment for web link). Click on a disease that you are interested in or on a condition that you have treated as a clinician (Huntington’s disease). Did anything surprise you? Did you gain more information on the topic? Consider how you can use the information to improve population health. Utilize the information to complete a paper or powerpoint presentation about what you discover about the genetic components related to the chosen disease and your population by answering the following questions 1. Provide indications for genetic testing for huntington’s disease 2. Determine appropriate genomic based interventions with regards to huntington’s disease. 3. Identify Ethical, social and financial considerations 4. Discuss the concept of use of genomics in clinical practice in relation to health and disease assessment 5. Include how you would approach genomic recommendations for a patient/family in a clinical practice setting for this population Please include a citation page.