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Non-State Political Violence

Non-State Political Violence This case study should be 3 or so pages, double spaced. For this case study, you will pick any event/campaign of nonstate political violence. This means that the political violence was carried out by an actor or group not associated with a country’s government. For example, examining a rebellion, terrorist organization, or terrorist attack would all be acceptable. In the first paragraph, introduce me to the case you chose. For the case itself try to answer these questions: What was the event Why did this event take place? What was the cause of the political violence? What was being “communicated?” Who did it target and why? What were the consequences? How well do you think the articles you’ve read for this class can explain the event you chose? Is your event easily explained? Or is it a unique case that demands further study? You will need to reference assigned readings and other credible sources, especially when answering the latter questions. Anything that comes from the Engine Orange search on the Library’s website or Google Scholar is fair game to use. Please only use things like newspaper or online news articles if you need to add context. You must have a works cited page at the end of your case study