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Nonverbal Communication Observation Paper

Observe two (or more) people in interaction with one another for at least 15 minutes.  You can do this in a coffee shop, church foyer, or another social setting.  Make notes of what kinds of nonverbal cues are being made between the two.  Are they leaning in? 

What facial expressions or gestures to you observe?  Smiling?  Eyebrow raises?  Since you won’t be observing their words, simply make some notes about their nonverbal interactions and draw some conclusions about the tone of the conversation. 

If you cannot find a social setting to observe, then you can observe a TV show (or from the Internet) with the volume off. For this 1-2 page paper, you will simply describe in one paragraph the observations made, and then in the next paragraph draw some conclusions about those behaviors.  Include references to the course text to help add meaning to your observations.