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Normal Distributions

Since we are learning about Normal Distributions, we are going to compare our data sets from Week 4’s Discussion, with the related Normal Distribution. You will choose a data set, share and explain your information, and determine if you think it looks like a Normal Distribution based on the characteristics of your data set and the characteristics of a Normal Distribution. No formal testing is required.

Classmates may add the Normal Distribution with your mean and standard deviation to your graph in order to compare it more easily. Step 1: Choose one of the following data sets. Click the randomization button a few times to get your sample.       1) Aneurysm COD variety by state for 2018:         2) Adult Asthma Prevalence by State for 2018:        3) Colon Cancer New Cases 2017:       

 4) Drug Poisoning Mortality by State for 2018:        5) Leukemias Cancer for 2017:    Step 2: Provide the title and link to your personalized set of randomized values.       Your classmates will need to be able to use your data. Step 3: Provide the mean and standard deviation, rounded to 2 decimal places. Step 4: Embed your histogram, if needed use the magnifying glass to zoom your graph. Step 5: Discuss the shape of your histogram, humps, skewness, etc. Step 6: Do you think your data is normal, why or why not?